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Maybe it’s the language barrier that means Germany is sometimes overlooked as a tourist destination by its European neighbours, and yet the Germans are thoroughly welcoming hosts, the towns and cities are accessible and the transport system is easy to use. We think Berlin is an ideal destination for your first trip to Germany, the city is most enjoyable and even post-reunification, the differences between East and West are still evident. The West is more modern but still bears traces of its past. The city is host to several museums; the remains of the Wall are moving and a stark reminder of the city’s strong history. In the East, you will find many bars, art galleries and the best nights out in Berlin. Berlin culture is often part of an underground movement and nowhere is this felt more strongly than in the East; even today, political street art can still be seen on the remains of the Wall in the East. Berlin is particularly pleasant in the spring or summer, when you can enjoy its numerous parks.

From the Brandenburg Gate to Potsdam’s Sanssouci Palace, there are many Berlin tea shops to be enjoyed, a shared legacy of Viennese traditions. You can savour a hot chocolate or a tea with a sweet German speciality. In December, Berlin hosts some excellent traditional Christmas markets, easily on a par with those in Cologne.

We recommend exploring the remarkable city that is Berlin for a weekend or longer. We will happily organise fully accessible hotels, transfers and guided tours.

  • Included
    Vols A/R
    Formule Bed&Breakfast (petit déjeuner)
    Visite guidée
    Transferts adaptés
    Lève-personne sur demande
    Lit médicalisé sur demande
  • Not Included
    Medical bed
    Patient hoist
    Adapted transfers
    Guided tour
    Adapted vehicle rental
    Tickets for show or sport

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