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Marrakech – Morocco

Magical Morocco

Marrakech – Morocco

a partir de 890€ per person

Get lost in the narrow streets of souk and treat yourself to some grilled meats in the Jam el Fnaa square!
Morocco is spellbinding, get chatting to the smiling street vendors, you can tuck into dozens of sweet, colourful cakes, who cares about the excess kilos! Morocco’s charm is further enhanced by breathtaking scenery, but start off your trip in Marrakech: the Medina and the Souks where you can grab some bargains if you get the right information beforehand. In the red city, as it’s known, owing to the superb colour of its buildings, you can explore the mosques with architecture dating back a thousand years and yet they feel almost modern with their colourful mosaics. Morocco is a kingdom, if you close your eyes once you reach the medina, you’ll have the impression that you’re living the adventures of Aladdin, and, if she isn’t already holding on to your arm, you might just bump into Jasmine.

Marrakech is an ideal and welcoming destination for your holidays, with the added guarantee of eating well, watch out though, don’t go mad, even if the tagines are gorgeous, they are rich, so going to a Haman to sweat out any excesses would be a good idea! After a treatment with black soap, you’ll go home tanned and with skin like a baby.

Our accommodation

In Marrakech, we can offer a 100% accessible villa! Once there, you have the option of reduced-cost medical care and even a carer. You can even enjoy an accessible pool and a solarium. If you would like to treat yourself to a black soap treatment or a massage with traditional essential oils, a masseuse will come to you, so you can enjoy and unforgettable moment.

  • Included
    Marrakech – Morocco
    Maison d’hôte
    Vols A/R
    Location véhicule adapté
    Pension complète
    Formule Bed&Breakfast (petit déjeuner)
    Visite guidée
    Transferts adaptés
    Lève-personne sur demande
    Lit médicalisé sur demande
  • Not Included
    Medical bed
    Patient hoist
    Adapted transfers
    Guided tour
    Adapted vehicle rental
    Tickets for show or sport