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West Indies – Caribbean

West Indies – Caribbean

a partir de 1790€ per person

Guadeloupe, a French paradise island nestled in the Caribbean! If you want to go somewhere exotic, but stay in France, the Guadeloupe islands are just the ticket! With YOOLA you can be explore these islands and their stunning scenery. For anyone who would like to visit their families in Guadeloupe, YOOLA offers tailor-made breaks so you can stay next to your loved-ones, while taking advantage of our accessible accommodation.

Guadeloupe has so much to offer, it would be a shame not to take advantage. The islands are still extremely rugged and wild and local authorities have successfully protected their exotic charm. You won’t find any large hotels blighting the landscape. Tourists are mainly hosted in people’s homes or in guest houses. There is a wide and varied choice available for tourists, several sites have been developed and adapted to host travellers with disabilities.

We suggest exploring Des Saintes or even Marie-Galante; for those who prefer to avoid boats, you can enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Guadeloupe. Of course, you can’t travel to Guadeloupe without enjoying a local meal by the sea! On the menu: rum cocktails, grilled fish and local specialities. In Guadeloupe, food is inexpensive, and you can enjoy unpretentious local cuisine, with many specialities such as cod dumplings, bokit or even an agoulou, the famous local hamburger that is equally as good as an American one!

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    West Indies – Caribbean
    Medical bed
    Patient hoist
    Adapted transfers
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    Guided tour
    Adapted vehicle rental
    Tickets for show or sport