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River cruises

River cruises

a partir de 990€ per person

You would like a cruise on a human-sized boat ? to discover a country in a different way ? River cruises are tailored for you !

Navigate on the Douro to discover the wonders of Portugal, sail on the famous Danube and let yourself be taken away by the charms of Vienna and Budapest up to the Black Sea… The Guadalquivir will lead you through authentic Spain…

On board, the crew will make you enjoy animated evenings and activities during sailing. The chef will cook delicious meals from the purest french culinary traditions.

Those small size boats needs you to travel in manual wheelchair. On board, you will find an accessible cabin with adapted shower ; and all the confort required for a safe and enjoyable trip.

From Europe to long-haul destination, from French canals to exotic rivers in Asia or America, you can pick up from a large choice of unforgettable itineraries. Let’s go and explore the world across the water ! Our best value ? Private adapted excursions with accessible vehicles !

If you want to discover a partiular city or area, let us know and we will advise the best itinerary on different dates and lengths. Remember that everything is possible !

  • Included
    River cruises
    Vols A/R
    Pension complète
    Visite guidée
    Transferts adaptés
  • Not Included
    Medical bed
    Patient hoist
    Adapted transfers
    Guided tour
    Adapted vehicle rental
    Tickets for show or sport